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Techno-Shaman - deep love of technology and de-centralized and emerging intelligent systems that are in-touch and rooted in nature's wisdom. 


Ken Wilber once called my artwork a unique form of 'Ether-Realism'... great praise from an Integral Thinker.

About Kesmit

A perspective on life informed by the mystical and grounded in the present. Kesmit loves to share noticing simple moments of beauty in nature and life. With a love for detail seen in macro moments... to videos that tell the beginning of a story... and her personal refuge of artwork to help express energy impressions from those she meets. 

Skills Include



energy drawings



Profound mystical experiences impressed upon Kesmit the fundamental interconnectivity of all of life, matter and the beautiful role of mind in the witness of the unfolding and ever-present.


Telecommunications and computer systems, cyber threat, Corporate Information Technology, Software Applications Analyst... in other words I have a good day job. :)

rationally intuitive. beauty. moments. art and life.